Orange Quartet Chapter SPEBSQSA

About Us

We are a "Quartet Only" Chapter. We spend most of our meeting time singing as quartets. We welcome all barbershoppers and anyone interested in barbershop, whether they are with a quartet already or arrive by themselves. At each meeting we group our singers so that everyone gets a chance to practice in a quartet and if they stay the duration, usually sing at least two songs to the rest of the chapter, in a supportive atmosphere.

Some of our members choose us as an alternative to the chorus format. Others are also members of chorus chapters, and join us as well for more opportunities for quartet singing.

We are proud of our good working relationship with other area chapters and like to think that those who are active in our chapter are better equipped to contribute musically to the other groups to which they belong.

If you have the desire for quartet singing  you are welcome to visit us and see what we have to offer!

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