Orange Quartet Chapter SPEBSQSA

Our chapter has many quartets! Some are registered with SPEBSQSA and some are not, some have been together for years and some are put together quickly for a specific occasion.

However, it is not necessary to belong to a quartet to participate. We welcome individual singers as well as entire quartets to sing with us, any time. We encourage all singers, even those who in established quartets, to sing in randomly drawn quartets as part of our meeting format. This helps all singers to grow and it also makes it easier for new quartets to form.

If you are looking to hire a quartet to perform in the Orange, California area, you can use the information on our Contact page to get in touch with chapter leadership, who will forward your request to our membership. Please understand that the Orange Chapter is not a professional entity and cannot guarantee that we will find a quartet that is able to meet your needs.

There is also a
quartet locator on the Barbershop Harmony Society webpage. Feel free to contact quartets directly.





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